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There are many variants of citations for Sports Awards from the more formal German Horseman's & SA Sports Badge to the less formal unit-level sports day certificates.

Here is an example of the latter for a member of 52 ID and signed by Lothar Rendulic and also the soldiers booklet/citation for the Deutsches-Reichs-Sportsabzeichen in Bronze...

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Hello readers:

A rare one, I dare say. Belongs to Rittmeister Heinz Ludwig Bartram, Grossdeutschland. Lost one leg on the Eastern Front. He was from his youth very active in sports and passed the trial of five criteria for the sports badge for disabled personnel.

This sports badge for disabled personnel is silver with gold wreath and is included in his military estate of which I presently have the stewardship.

Bernhard H. Holst

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the same man: DRL in Silber 1937, 1. Wiederholung for Gold in 1938 and 2. Wiederholung for Gold in 1939.


1st "Deutscher Reichsbund für Leibesübungen" and "Deutsche Reichs-Sportabzeichen", 2nd "Reichssportamt" and "Deutsche Reichs-Sportabzeichen" and 3rd "Reichssportamt" and "Reichssportabzeichen".

I think he stopped because of the war.


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