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Royal Artillery spoon

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Hi all,

I picked up this spoon below with some another stuff and I can't figure out what for it is (I know what for spoons regulary are made for :cheeky: ). Like I understand it is pretty common Royal Artillery sweetheart brooch (king's crown), that is attached on it. But what for that chain is good for???? Also just before the brooch there is one brass type of ring bended around. Is there any reason? Does any of you have seen anything like that before?

There is some hallmarks on the sppon (number "2" on the square. Second one has axe and hammer), I think its silverplated.

I will stick it up on sale soon now but just wanted to figure out the meaning of that arrangmenet.




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Timo - I suspect that it is a 'one off' - perhaps made in a base workshop. The spoon looks continental and the marks are not hallmarks

as it is silver plate. The chain was probably on the original sweetheart brooch for security. A nicely made item - what does the back

look like ? Mervyn

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I don't profess to know near as much as either Mervyn or Peter when it comes to items like this. However apparantly those could be hall mark's even though it is silverplate....




These are but 3 sites that are available if you google "Silverplate hallmarks"

How long is the spoon?

Good lick on your hunt.


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