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Richard LaTondre

Order of the White Tiger

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Now. Finally, the question I am asking is, in the Mohler Collection, this was previously identified as a XinJiang Province Commemorative medal. What we have here appears to me to be two different classes of the same medal. Sorry my photos are not as good as they should be. One has the shield the white tiger is on, in yellow, and the next one is in red enamel. I think we may have to do a little more reseach on this series (or maybe (and this would not be unusual)) or else I am slowly losing my memory. Anyone have any ideas?


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Hi Richard,

My book of Chinese Republic / Warlord medals (published in China) describes it simply as "Beiyang zhengfu shiqi jiang zhang" or Beiyang Government Period Merit Medal. Not very helpful I'm afraid.

Interestingly, it's listed on the same page as the mysterious Order of the Golden Lion.


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This may be completely off topic in this thread, but about a year ago I was unfortunately outbid on this miniature group (so it's not mine). The fourth miniature was described as medal of the order of the tiger. As this is unknown to me I'd like to know if this is a lower class of this order - or something completely else? Just curious!




Lot 21 (Obv).jpg

Lot 21 (Rev).jpg

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This would be an obvious statement, but there is probably a black and white background one. So far the ribbons correspond to the colored background of the white tiger.

larsb001, I would recommend making another topic for others to see and discuss the medal bar ;)

Looks more like a lion on the medal bar btw

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