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Help for info on Order of the Great Patriotic War 2nd class

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I'll get a picture up soon, but about 10 years ago when I was little we went to a medal convention (I think they still hold it annually here in my home town) and I was able to pick out an award that I liked that my parents purchased for me

I'm into Russian aircraft and armor (more aircraft :D) and I picked out a Order of the Great Patriotic War 2nd class. I would like to find some information on my specific award, it didn't come with its document but I was told that WW2 awards info. can be found.

The serial number of my award is 219874

Any information on the award as to it's recipiant or when it was awarded would be fantastic,

Thank you all so much :)


P.S. I'll get pictures of the award posted soon :)

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Hi Mr.Jim, thank you so much for the info. via pm I'll get right on it :)

Here we go, I uploaded via Photobucket, I hope thats ok in the forum and within the rules, if not I'll try another method :) I took photos of both sides of the screwing in button thing and the award so you guys can see them both :)

I don't want to remove the tarnish on the order because thats never a good thing (thank you antiques roadshow for this lesson :D)

Does it look fine? and from the WW2 period?





If anything else is needed please let me know :)

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Hi Rogi,

Thanks for the pics. You have an intact OGPW 2 (with undamaged enamel and original sickle and hammer). OGPWs (1 and 2) are very researchable and unless the recipient's file happens to be restricted, you should receive some interesting research for this Order. Expect it to have been awarded around July/August 1944 (give or take), so it should be a combat award.

This OGPW 2 is beautiful as is, tarnish and all. Please do not try to clean it as wiping away such lovely patina will be a real pity. I'd gladly offer to take it off your hands as I happen to have all the serial numbers between 1xx,xxx through 9xx,xxx but never got round to buying a 2xx,xxx. The mint marks are slightly different from the 1xx,xxx and 3xx,xxx issues. Of course, with this Order being a present from your parents I suggest that you keep it and treasure it ;)

Thanks for sharing it, and if you do research it, please post the research. If you need help with translations etc. let me know.

Jim :cheers:

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Here is my whole "Eastern" collection, not a lot but some really nice stories behind the medals :) the 3 Stars are Yugoslavian and the other medals I think are Russian along with the cap badge, would love to know more about them too :D



Heres the reverse of the Sporting medal if anyone can read it :)



The Paratrooper medal came out a bit blurry but it has a hallmark on the back, I'll post a pic when I get a better shot of it :)

Hope you guys enjoy and I should post on the Yugoslavia forum with those pins :) I just love the red enamel look on these awards :D

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