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Oberfeldwebel Zgfhr. 3./Pi.Btl.30 owner of German Cross

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Thanks... Yeah its fantastic to have such a group from the family.

And i am proud of it...

Here is the Allgemeines Sturmabzeichen from my grandfather.

He has four different pieces. A heavy on of Zink and some light pieces of Buntmetal.

The Zink one was the one he wears during the war...

Made by Berg&Nolte

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Some fotos from the war in russia..

There are more than 300 pictures from 1938, Polenfeldzug (poland), Westfeldzug (betherland belgium),

Frankreichfeldzug (france), Russlandfeldzug including Demjansk, Pantherlinie, Staraya Russa, Ilmensee (russia)

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I still waiting for the letter of the WASt...

You´ll have to wait 6-10 month... themes they work very slow at the WASt ;)

My Grandmother collected all about her housband...

there are newspapers, fieldpost, many photo albums... his bajonettes and many others.

photo albums sorted by region of war or events like Vereidigung and Heimaturlaub also from Lazarett...

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Here an example what my grandmother collected...

its called Ehrentafel.

every german village has a Ehrentafel. it shows the belligerent (war veterans) and fallen soldiers.

Next two my grandfather is a picture from Heinrich Cohrs.

Heinrich was a friend of my grandfather and lives in the neighbourvillage. He was Kradmelder during the war. Someday in 1944 in Russia, my grandfather walked trough the camp and someone calls loud "Wilhelm... Wilhelm" my Grandfather turns off and saw his friend Heinrich... they never have seen eachother during the war.

Heinrich told him that he has to got to Germany next day and my grandfather gave him al letter for my grandmother...

some days later Heinrich visited my grandmother and gave her the letter with best wishes from my grandfather.

both.. Heinrich and my grandfather survived the war...

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my grandfather 1938...

the military service just even ended... then came the postletter he has to arrived to Lübeck... and join the Pionier Bataillon 30.

He was "Pionier" and "Unteroffizier der Reserve"

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my grandfathers bayonets using at the war...

the "Luftwaffendolch" is a gift from a dutch shoemaker.

my grandfather and the dutch shoemaker became friends during the war.

my grandfather visit him after the war a few times in holland.

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