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Here is a simple wooden chair from the Deutsche Luftwaffe.

This chair stands more than 60 years in the basement of my grandfathers house.

Near my hometown (a small village in the southwest from hamburg) was a Blohm & Voss airplanefactory and a small airport. Hundred of these chairs stand in the factory canteen...

After the war the civil people use those chairs as firewood...

My grandfather took one for his little workshop in the basement.

I knew these simple chair for all the years...

but it was a lucky concident that i found the Luftwaffe stamp on the underside ...

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Hello Sir,

Interesting chair that brings back some memories. Back in 1968 I visited a Monestary in southern Barvaria that had been occupied by Wehrmacht Troops. To my surprise, each of the very simple wooden chairs in the dining area and hat/coat racks sported a National Emblem stamped on the back. What was more interesting, the plates that were used on a daily basis were also Wehrmacht marked.

Nice chair.


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