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Lithuanian Order of Vytautas the Great on a German bar?

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Trying to track down the identity of the last ribbon on this ribbon bar, and one suggestion that I've heard is that it might be the Lithuanian Knight's Cross of the Order of Vytautas the Great, or the Bronze Medal of the Order of Vytautas the Great. Could those of you more familiar with that decoration let me know if that is indeed plausible, and if so, possibly clue me in as to who typically received this award and under what circumstances they received it?



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Combine with suggestions at thread Mystery Ribbon on a TR/Olympic Ribbon Bar:

Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen, Großherzog Ernst Ludwig, Für Tapferkeit Hesse-Darmstadt - Ernest-Ludwig Bravery Medal? But why here w/o other WWI awards?? Or maybe.......MANCHUKUO Auspicious Clouds?? A 1938? Manchukuo Handbook lists the number of awards to foreigners including a few Germans.

Sorry can't seem to add images of either award/ribbon but GMIC search will reveal some.

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Judging by the size of the ribbons, my humble guess would be post 1957, and the other WW1 awards such as the frontkampfer kreuz and potential long service awards would've been on a 2nd row. I still think it's a ribbon from the grand duchy of Hessen...


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Just got the bar in hand today. It's hard to tell with absolute certainty if the background color of the mystery ribbon was indeed a cool toned white to begin with, or if it was indeed a blue. I'm not seeing any evidence of fading on the front, when comparing that to the back.

Comparing the spacing and size of the stripes, it really does lineup much better with the Manchukuo than the Hessian decoration. Also, if that were the Hessian decoration, wouldn't the proper order of precedence be Hindenburg Cross --> Hessian --> Olympic?

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