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German 3.7cm Flak and 12 Pounder

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Light German 3.7cm Flak

and two projectiles (who do you call it in engl ?) from a brit. 12 pounder.
theese both should be fired on the end of the war in my homevillage...
some stupid kids from the Hitlerjugend fired with Kleinkaliber rifles on a british jeep..
the revenge was 1 hour heavy fire by the britains...

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Hi Larry...

okay.. shell casings... still learning...

Kleinkaliber means small bore rifle..

it happens in elstorf near hamburg... it must be the 11th hussars... they stand in elstorf for a few days..

they also have a headquarter in a restaurant near Buchholz the restaurant called "hohe luft" and still exists.

from Elstorf they went on the Autobahn to Vahrendorf near Hamburg Harburg... there was a last offensive of a group "SS Hitlerjugend" called "Panzerteufel" (tankdevil)

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The hussars camped some days in Elstorf.

My homevillage... I found the shells in an old bam. In the neighbourhood of my grandparents house.

Their house was hidden by a granade too.

The shells are dated 1944.

the hussars collected weapons, binoculars, bicycles and other stuff and overdrived it with a tank. From Elstorf they went to Daerstorf.

From Rade over Elstorf to Daerstorf were some heavy battles. In Elstorf a young beit. soldier died in his tank... He lays a few days in our church.

Here is a picture...

I also have some fotos...

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