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Soviet Research Document Terms, what are they, and how do I know which one is which?

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So I'm perplexed I'm trying to figure out how many terms are used for a couple items in the research of medals in the archives, some are very similar to others, but I think I've been able to check and see which are the same and which are different, so far I've come up with these :

Record Card or Award Card - this item has all the items awarded to an individual in his military career. ?

Award Sheet- sheet recomending an individual for an award, has the citation and some info. on his military career. -> is this the same when someone says in research "The Citation" is he refering to the award sheet in general, or just the specific citation itself.

Order - page stating the official awarding of the decoration. Will this be included in the previous documents on the decoration?

Service Record Card- All manner of information on the individual, ranks attained, courses, family etc.

Personnel file- Only available to officers and lists almost everything in their career.

Is this a good break down of the specific terms? Have I mixed up any terms, do they need to be updated, and what is usually included (or what should I add extra) if I'm going to research 1 Order (Order of the Great Patriotic War 2nd class)

I want to be sure before commiting to a certain individual or group who researches these items, it is expensive and can get more expensive if added items are added, I just want to be sure what you guys on the forum would recomend the most and what you would recomend that comes standard in the research?

One final thing, if anyone reading this has had research done and are pleased with the individual's work, could you pm me their email or name. I've currently contacted 2 individuals who I'm very impressed with, 1 of them is frequently used on the forum and the other indivudual who I have contacted I havn't found a lot of individuals using him, but he has been very polite, answered all my questions and both have been recomended by a forum moderator (I won't mention their names or who has recomended them, since I don't want to put someone in the spotlight who I havn't asked permission from, I'd just like to gather as much info. before making my commitment to someone, since it is my first time requesting such a thing for an Order so I would like to be sure what I would look forward to getting and what I don't need :)

Thank you all,


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Hello and welcome! At minimum, I would get the award service card(lists all awards presented to the man/woman) as well as the citation for the award you are having researched!

Please post a picture of your order and add the details of the research once you get it, to the thread. I look forward to seeing it!

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I suggest that you look at some of the research threads were you will find scans and translations of the documents. This will help you understand better what you are going to be sent.

Sould you decide that you want to find out more, you can always request additional research.


Jim :cheers:

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Your overview is quite correct. Several translations of these documents are in use, depending on how literal one wants to translate the names. Basic research consists of the record card (which has the full name of the recipient, his rank, position, year of birth, et cetera, and a list of all of his awards) and the award sheet (which repeats some of the biographical information and contains the citation). If the recipient turns out to have been an officer, many people order the service record, which lists, as you say, all promotions, education, family situation, et cetera, and a list of all positions held. Plus, the service record often has a photo of the recipient. The personnel file is highly interesting, but extremely expensive for some reason.

Be sure to have a look at the researched awards posted on this forum, there are many examples of each of these documents posted here.

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Thank you so much all for the tips :)

I'm guessing that any of those extra cards such as the SARC copy you mentioned is able to be purchased when it comes up in the file etc?

and only in extreme cases or something really special standing out in each that those items should be considered ?

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