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Hello again gentlemen, so sorry, some sudden medical issues distracted me. I'm back now. It's been a tough six months...

The only history I have on it is that I received it many years ago from either Niemann or Weitze as a "jeweler's copy," whatever that means. I suppose I could dig out the COA... I remember it wasn't cheap, but I had a spare $XXXX.XX and I thought it looked nice. It's a heavy piece; thick, bulky. Here it is again (below) next to a cheap replica I also own, and the reverse of the "good" copy.

I could not find the thread referred to above, only something called "Victoria Cross in a Box" that seemed to go downhill quickly. :unsure:

Thanks for looking!

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You are certainly welcome. I remember it came from Weitze. I have dashed him off a letter, hoping to jog his memory on some of the specifics surrounding it. I'm not being careless, its just that my COA's, along with some other documentation, are temporarily stored in a place I cannot readily access. It is easier for me to have him look through his records, and send me the original write-up. I'm hoping it has the provenance and some maker's info!

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Very nice medal, Ralph. Certainly one of the better quality replicas I've seen. You can tell by the suspender ring and the attachment opening on the cross itself. Also, the color of the ribbon more closely matches that of the " real thing ". Great find.


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