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Decorations from the collections of the Serbian museums

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Greetings Gentlemen,

I am starting this topic with two goals, first to gather in one place and share with others pictures of various military related items, and other to promote our museums. Pictures are from official web sites, I hope that you will find them interesting as much as I did.

-National Museum of Serbia

-official website http://www.narodnimuzej.rs/

-wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Museum_of_Serbia

Order of the Star of Karageorge 1st grade - G.A. Scheid [belonged to Jovan Avakumović http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jovan_Avakumovi%C4%87]


Order of Saint Sava 1st grade - G.A. Scheid [belonged to Milenko Vesnić http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milenko_Radomar_Vesni%C4%87]


Order of the White Eagle 1st grade - C.F. Rothe [belonged to Milenko Vesnić]


Order of the Saints Maurice and Lazarus 1st grade - Cravanzola Successore Fratelli Borani [belonged to Milenko Vesnić]

Military order of Christ 1st grade - Frederico B. Da Costa [belonged to Milenko Vesnić]

Legion of Honor (1870-1951 type) 1st grade - Arthus Bertrand [belonged to Milenko Vesnić]

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Order of Miloš the Great 3rd grade - K. Fleischacker

Order of the Cross of Takovo 2nd grade (necklace) - Anton Furst [belonged to General Jovan Mišković]


Medal for Bravery Miloš Obilić 1851

Saint Andrew's Day Assembly 1858 - F. Muller

50th Anniversary of the 2nd Serbian Uprising 1865 - W. Pittner

Royal Wedding 1900 - A. Schraff

Royal Wedding 1922 - Rudolf Valdec

Vojvoda Živojin Mišić 1924 - Đorđe Jovanović

Conquest of Belgrade 1688 - Martin Bruner

The Battle of Senta 1697 - Georg Hautsch

Treaty of Požarevac 1718 - Martin Bruner

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Thank you for sharing these images, some nice eye candy, most interesting. The Scharff medal for the 1900 medal makes Draga Mishkin look really ugly and Alexander prematurely aged, one wonders if Karageorgovich supporters commissioned it.


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You are most welcome Paul, there is more to come. Your remark about the Schraff medal put a smile on my face. :) Couple of pictures of the King and Queen for comparison.

Kind regards,



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Radmilo thanks neither were overendowed with beauty but Draga wasn't as hideous as that medal portrayed.

Interesting photos on the first Alexander is clearly wearing the Order Milosh the Great before the White eagle, while in the second group he is not wearing the Order of Milosh, yet Draga has a particularly sexy Milosh breast star so presumably the photo of Alexander was made before 1898 while the photo of Draga was post wedding (sloppy cut and pasting by the postcard manufacturer).


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-Military Museum

-official website http://www.muzej.mod.gov.rs/en/#.USYuBaVQHgs

-wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_Museum_(Belgrade)

Order of Prince Danilo I 1st grade [belonged to Ilija Garašanin]



Order of Saint Sava 1st Grade - Arthus Bertrand [belonged to Vojvoda Stepa Stepanović]


Order of the White Eagle 3rd grade [belonged to General Mihailo Srećović]

Order of the White Eagle [belonged to General Jovan Belimarković]


House and Merit Order of Peter Frederick Louis [belonged to KIng Aleksandar Obrenović]

Legion of Honor 1st grade [belonged to King Aleksandar Karađorđević]

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Radmilo thanks neither were overendowed with beauty but Draga wasn't as hideous as that medal portrayed.

Interesting photos on the first Alexander is clearly wearing the Order Milosh the Great before the White eagle, while in the second group he is not wearing the Order of Milosh, yet Draga has a particularly sexy Milosh breast star so presumably the photo of Alexander was made before 1898 while the photo of Draga was post wedding (sloppy cut and pasting by the postcard manufacturer).


I agree Paul, in the lower right corner a year 1903 is inscribed, if the picture was really taken that year it is possibly one of their last. Here are the "originals" of the other one.

Kind regards,



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Serbian cavalry officer's saber M1861 [belonged to Ljubomir Lešjanin, son of General Milojko Lešjanin (4th picture)]


Serbian cavalry officer's saber M1895


Diamond saber [belonged to Prince Arsen Karađorđević]


St. Anna officer's shashka M1881

Dagger that belonged to Louis William, Margrave of Baden-Baden

Officer's saber M1955 (Converted M1920)

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Browning M1910/1922

VTZ M1933

Tokarev TT33

Makarov Pistol [Gift from Marshal Zhukov]

Mauser C96

Luger Parabellum P08

Browning-Herstal HP35

Walther PPK

MP44 & Walther P38

M51 [belonged to Dušan Petrović Šane]

Adrian helmet

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-Belgrade City Museum

-official website http://www.mgb.org.rs/en/

-wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgrade_City_Museum

Cross for Devotion 1858

According to museum's website they possess the only known specimen! This is the first Serbian commemorative medal. Cross was given to clergy and medal to other participants of the St. Andrew's Day Assembly. According to one source 378 medals and 58 crosses were issued. The medal below was sold couple of years ago by Barac & Pervan for 1600 euros!


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These are wonderful images, thanks for sharing them.

Three of the Serbian orders - St Sava, White Eagle and Milos the Great - would rank in my Top 10 most beautiful awards ever produced.

The Milos the Great very occasionally appears at auctions. Any idea roughly how many of these were conferred?


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Gotta love those awards :) Thanks for posting Radmilo :) Now I'll be dreaming of St Sava's in 1st class with the ribbon hehehe :)

The higher up you get in those award classes, the more beautiful they become :D

drclaw- Order of Milos the Greats, there arn't that many out there, since it only lasted from 1898 to 1903 after the competing family took over :) and stoped the award.

I'm suprised to even see the sash on the bay :D

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Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. Museums can be wonderful sources, can't they? My family moan on holiday when I insist on diving into them...

Weird. I wanted to highlight one of the pictures - the King in profile - as he's the spitting image of a student I had during my last lecturing job, but although it worked in 'preview' mode it refuses to post properly. Grr.

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You are all most welcome. I have discovered those great pictures of rare decorations not that long ago on our National Museum website by accident and they are the main reason why I started this topic. I am very pleased that you all like it.

-National Museum Čačak

-official website http://www.cacakmuzej.org.rs/kontakt_eng.html

Colonel Dragutin Gavrilović's decorations. He is most famous for his great speech made during the defense of Belgrade in 1915. The translation of the speech can be read on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragutin_Gavrilovi%C4%87



Lieutenant Mladen Žujović's decorations.


Prince Đorđe Karađorđević's decorations.


Brigade General Spasoje Tešić's decorations.


Captain Đorđe Roš's decorations.


Brigade General Mihailo Milićević's decorations.


Major Mihailo Gavrović's decoration.


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Lieutenant Colonel Bogoljub Molerović's decorations.


Corporal Budimir Davidović's decorations.


Major Nikola Kosić's decorations.


Displayed items.


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General Staff Brigade General Čedomir Škekić's uniform.


Vojvoda Petar Bojović's Big Mundir (after 1912).


Vojvoda Petar Bojović's Overcoat (after 1934).

General Staff Major Radivoje Filipović's Parade Mundir (before 1912).


Royal Guard Infantry Major's uniform.

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General Kosta Protić's Honorary Saber.


Major Mihailo Gavrović's Cavalry Saber M1895.

Lieutenant Nikola Nikić's Cavalry Saber M1861/69.

Vojvoda Stepa Stepnović's Trophy Saber received by Shukri Pasha during the surrender of Adrianople.


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Pictures from the exhibition "Decorations of Principality and Kingdom of Serbia" that took place couple of years ago. I think that all of the displayed decorations were from the collection of Military Museum.

Order of the Cross of Takovo 1st grade.

Order of the Serbian Red Cross, Order of the Cross of Takovo 2nd grade and Order of the Star of Karageorge with swords 3rd grade.

Order of the White Eagle.

Order of the Star of Karageorge.

Order of Saint Sava.

Order of the Serbian Red Cross.

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Same exhibition, different venue.

Order of the Cross of Takovo 1st grade.

Order of the Cross of Takovo.

Order of the Cross of Takovo with Swords 3rd and 5th grade.

Order of the White Eagle.

Order of the White Eagle with Swords 3rd grade.

Order of Saint Sava.

Medal bar.

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