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Scout...........or spy Bravery Medal

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Thanks Auke!

1. Last name: Rogulyova

2. First name and patronymic: Lidia Yefimovna

3. Military rank: Civilian employee

4. Sex: Female

5. Year of birth: 1914

6. Place of birth: Village of Vorlamovo,
Chelyabinsk Oblast

7. Party membership (since which year): Not a member

8. Education: Secondary

9. Nationality: Russian

10. Since which year in the Red Army: From February 10 to February 12, 1943

11. Place of service (name
of the unit) and position at the time of the award: Scout in the 6th Artillery Regiment, 74th Rifle

12. Current place of service and position: Teacher
at Akhtyrka School for Seven-Year-Olds, Kolpny Raion, Oryol Oblast

13. Home address of the awardee: Village
of Akhtyrka, Akhtyrka Rural Municipality, Kolpny Raion, Oryol Oblast

14. Record of all awards received:

Medal for Courage 127438

Temporary certificate nr. 303610

of the 6th Artillery Regiment nr. 7/N of February 23, 1943

The Medal for Courage to:

Lidia Yefimovna Rogulyova, a teacher at Akhtyrka Junior High School, for the fact that she carried out a special task for the command of the 6th Artillery Regiment, 74th Rifle
Division. She crossed the front line, infiltrated into the enemy positions in the village of Grechik, Kolpny Raion,Oryol Oblast, and, displaying heroism and courage, determined the enemy’s
strength, his firepower, and his types of weaponry. Upon returning she provided the headquarters of the artillery regiment with valuable information about the enemy, right at the time when the division didn’t possess accurate information about the enemy. While at the enemy positions, comrade Rogulyova was wounded, but nonetheless she honorably carried out the task entrusted to her.

Born in 1914, not a party member, Russian. Home address: Village of Akhtyrka, Kolpny Raion, Oryol Oblast.


[signed] /Anisimov/

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This is the first such citation I have seen. That is some cool stuff. This means that she would have qualified for the VoG as well, right?

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Auke: Very interesting article but a very sad ending.

Paul: Hard to say as she was a civilian. ?? not sure man.

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