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Freikorps Würzburg Ehrenplakette Authenticity

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I just received this fairly rare Freikorps commemorative plaque and have some doubts. I've never had one in hand before, having only seen pictures. But, the detail seems a little rough and soft.

I've compared it to one Huesken has and it seems similar. But, perhaps that one is doubtful as well.

I've never heard of this being faked. But, as everything is at risk these days, anything is possible.

Does anyone have an original to compare it with and does anyone have an informed opinion either positive or negative? I'd really appreciate some help.


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Yes, I saw this one with the hollow back on WAF and Feldgrau. With the exception of this one, everyone of these I've seen (admittedly only in pictures) has been solid on the back.

Below is a picture of the one Huesken has for sale which is almost identical to mine, which doesn't prove anything.

It seems to be one of those pieces that few people have actually handled.

Since the market isn't flooded with repros of these, I suppose I'll assume it's believable, unless proven otherwise.

But, it is somewhat shoddy in its manufacture.

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And the second one--a small group of items recently sold to one of my German friends. It was shown on WAF, so you probably seen this one. What is really interesting is that it has a counterpart reverse, unlike yours..

The gods of expertise over at Feldgrau, whose word is law, it seems have given my Plakette the thumbs down. So, I guess that's that.

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