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Battle of the Badges

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I'm not sure what you're looking for, but here's a very quick snapshot of my badges. Lighting's poor, I know.

Left to the right, top- Primarily London Regt; Yeomanry; WW1 raised units, economy versions and WW1 version of badges which changed later; Cavalry

Left to Right bottom- A mixture;Scottish and some guards and volunteers; and then two frames of line infantry


What are you wanting- favourite badges, rare badges?


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You may get an argument on the identification of #10 - 'Royal Jewish Chaplain'. The six pointed star in a wreath and crown was used on the flag of Nigeria, pre-independence, and worn by at least one regiment and the police there. It was also worn by police in one of the West Indian colonies - I believe Trinidad and Tobago.

I also think it was used in WWII by a British battalion raised from British Jews - perhaps the 6th Battalion of the Sussex Regiment. I'm confident of the fact but not nearly so sure on which regiment. They were in Italy at the end of the war and apparently some members made night raids into Austria where they kidnapped/captured known Nazis and 'disposed of them'. I read of it some years ago when one of the former members of the battalion published a biography - which caused a stir, as you can imagine.


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All comments and arguments welcome. I'll change my notes on the "chaplain" badge, add a "?"

This thread is just for fun gents, like The Great Tinnie War thread I began eleven years ago in another forum. As far as I can tell, it is the all-time great-granddaddy oldest, largest, still-continuing thread in any forum. Google it.

British Tank corps:

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