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Unidentified Oberstleutnant


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"Hugo Nedjela Obstlt"

Hugo Nedjela of "Hoch- und Deutschmeister" Infantry Regiment 4, Vienna

ÖEK3 and ÖM3K gazetted in Personal-Verordnungsblätter 88/14 and 24/15 (I only have the index citation form "The Golden Book"--Ehrenbuch der Österreichisch-Ungarischen Wehrmacht, I. Band)

Oberleutnant 01.05.99

Hauptmann 01.11.09

Major 01.02.16

In 1900 he was an unspecified-which Battalion Adjutant in Galician Infantry Regiment 55, Tarnopol

In 1914 he was attending a course at 5th Army Marksmanship School, Vienna for "Elementarschießplatzangelegenheiten" which I guess meant basic training for draftees instruction

From K.u.k. Rank Lists ("Schematismus") editions 1900, 1914 and 1917 he had the peacetime Bronze Signum Laudis, and is not wearing his military jubilees: 1898 Medal and 1908 Cross. The Austro-Hungarian rank lists do not show the Marianer Crosses--which surprises me not only by their omission but becase he wasn't a "von."

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Wow! I never figured his first name was Hugo, but how you managed to decipher Nedjela out of the scribble I will never know. I doffs my hat to you Sir!

many thanks,


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This from the Hoch- und Deutschmeister regimental history; not that you would think it was the same guy from this portrait painting! Hugo Nedjela was the commander of the Machine Gun Detachment of III./4 in the early part of the war when he won his ÖEK3 and ÖM3K.



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I would never have made the connection between the photo I posted and your photo :o

The extra information on his service career is most welcome.



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