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Sweetheart Jetons

Chuck In Oregon

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It's a rainy Oregon day with little to do (that I want to do, that is) and I've mentioned these little jetons before, so I thought I would post them today. As you can see, soldiers from cadet to general gave these away as remembrances to those they loved. If you can identify units or branches from any of these, that would add a lot. As it is, I can only identify a couple of military branches and, of course, the ranks.

I could have sworn that I have a couple of attributed examples, but I can't find them right now. I'll post them if I do.

These were pretty common and I know there are others out there. Take a minute and share yours with the rest of us.


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Here's one I brought back last month.

* * * * *

I just came across my notes on the latest jeton I posted.

This piece was purchased by a Mr. Okanov for his wife, then handed down in the family. Mr. Okanov was initially a private and rifleman in the Tsar's army, serving from 1896-1900. Then he went to engineering school and, upon graduation, he became an engineering officer in the Dmitri Pavlovich Migrelian Grenadier Regiment. The "D" is the symbol for that regiment. Okanov was executed in the initial purges of ex-White officers.

This jeton came with an associated medal for 300 Years of the House of Romanoff. That's it you see here.

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