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Fake EK1, a humbling experiance....

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dont really collect crosses... but bought this a couple of years ago. Of course it was original! The quality was there....

Of course, I did not wonder about it being a flatback - screwback, which i have never really seen before for WW1...

Rubbing some dirt off the back showed the backplate was made of a copper like material....

So... the front rim and core must have come from an original EK2, everything on the back fake.....

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another point to add: crosses with silvered brass backplates and real silver frames did indeed exist. i have a prinzen example that shares this characteristic, and i'm pretty sure i have at least one full-sized specimen as well.

as a result, the two points used to determine this cross's originality can't absolutely preclude the authenticity of the cross, in my opinion. a lot of weird things happened in the interim years when construction criteria went out the window. all sorts of materials were used during the post-war recession.

p.s. the cross that chris had now resides somewhere within the curio/debatable/really, really, really, good fakes section of my humble collection.

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