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Hey gang! Paul was asking if I had a pic of my buckle collection posted and I realized I did not. I just recently set my buckles up in a series of pull out drawers that are pretty neat.

SO.....took some pics and thought I would share.

I collect using the 'one of each' principle...but there are many variants out there: one piece, two piece, material used, with tab, without,.....the list goes on and on...so it's nice because that allows me to keep collecting.

Here are the pics!



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Hey guys! I started when I was 12 with a belt and buckle from Invicta Int."l.....a small surplus store in Ottawa, Ontario that is LONG gone....I was 12 and wanted to look 'bad-ass' with a belt buckle that had an eagle clutching a swastika...I bought the belt and buckle (early pebbled heer) for next to nothing, brought it home and - lo and behold - the belt didn't fit in the belt loops of my jeans!! Damn!! (small jeans - I was only 12! hahahaha)

Anyways...then I fiigured out what Gott Mit Uns meant....what? How could God have been on their side? They were the bad guys, no? Again: I was 12 and didn't realize that most German soldiers were fighting for their country...not the NSDAP.

Anyways...got me interested in it and 31 years later at the age of 43...I'm still collecting.

Of course there were many dry spells when money had to go to Univ., cars, mortgage downpayment, kids and stuff....but the passion has never abated.

As for the display cabinet. It is part of the house. These cabinets (there are two of them) are on both sides of the fireplace hearth I got lucky: the drawers and everything came with the house...I didn't have to install them or anything. Beforehand, I used to keep the buckles in riker mount display cases.

Hope that helps answer your questions.....Cheers!


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Hi Rob, fantastic collection! It would be good to see a few more in close detail if you get time….I’d be interested in seeing your SA and tropical buckles in closer detail, items I’m thinking of getting for my own collection at some point.

Regards, Gregg.

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