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Wanted: RCMP Riding Crop


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I have a friend I trade patches with who sent this to me today. He lives in Capalaba Queensland, Australia.

I am also chasing a genuine RCMP riding crop, just in case you have any dealing with your Northern Neighbours! Have a Staff Sgt ceremonial uniform on mannequin only missing the horse whip. This is proving harder then expected. After 5 years still nothing :banger:

I have sent him an invitation to join GMIC, but thought I'd put this out there now.


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Hi all,

Here is some more info from my friend:

"Ed, I just ripped a few pics of the Internet. The one I am after ideally is the one like the Sgt. is holding in the picture.
The other attached pics mainly show old styles.
That SgtMaj Swagger stick looks nice but I would hate to think of the price! Did they mention what they were after for it?
Those 'normal' riding crops usually go for between 50 dollars for a poor condition one to 100+ for perfect to new condition.
I am happy with an old beat up one because they are easy to restore and it is only for show!
Had a look at other Countries and here in Australia but nothing exact like the RCMP have them made. From what I have been told the manufacturer of the RCMP crops exclusively makes them for the Force not for re sale elsewhere.
Thanks again for any assistance

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