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Red Star 346822, Signalman

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Award Sheet

1. Last name, name, and patrionymic: Vorochenko, Andrei Grigorevich

2. Rank: Private

3. Duty position: Line Supervisor Cable/Pole Company, 653 Independent Line Signals Battalion Recommendation for the Order of the Red Star

4. Born: 1907

5. Nationality: Ukrainian

6. In Red Army: since 1941 for six months

7. Party membership: candidate member

8. Previous combat: Polish campaign in 1939, Patriotic War since since October 1941

9. Wounds or shell-shock: n/a

10. Previous awards: Combat Service Medal dated 11.5.42

11. Inducted by: Nezhinskii Regional Military Commissariat, Chernigov Oblast

12. Home of record: [trans: entry intentionally obscured]

Short description of personal combat feat or accomplishment

During his service in the battalion from the moment of its establishment in June 1941, Private A.G. Vorochenko has mastered the equipment of the line signal service with enthusiasm and passed on his knowledge to his comrades. He has earned repeated commendations from the Army signals detachment and battalion for his exemplary mission accomplishment in servicing the lines during the 31 Armys fighting. During our forces recent offensive operations near Medvedevo, Comrade Vorochenko acted exceptionally boldly and masterfully, for example on 7.8.43 he was responsible for quality repairing of Army signal lines damaged by enemy artillery and mortar fire while under continuous enemy fire.

While working to string cable lines across a minefield while under enemy artillery and mortar fire on 11.8.43, Comrade Vorochenkos actions motivated his comrades as he systematically repaired broken lines in the established time period and provided continuous communications.

Private Vorochenko is deserving of the Order of the Red Star for personal bravery and quality work as a signalman/line runner.

Signed Commander, 653 Independent Signals Battalion, Major Pivovarov on 8 September 1943

Endorsed Chief of Signals, 31 Army, (?) Belshev on 10 September 1943

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Super award Tom! These guys had real balls. They were always targets for snipers, etc. Nice write up also.

One question though, is it true that you have converted to being a Man Utd fan like your brother in ink, ie., me? :o

Sure looks like it was battleground dug.

Edited by Aurelius
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It's true, i can't even bring myself to think what it must have taken for them to crawl out into the line of danger repeatedly to mend breaks in the line.

Perhaps one day some more info will turn up on this guy.

Norm, i would sooner face a night in with SMERSH than turn traitor to the Scouserland!

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