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Big document lot of a police officer with Dienstpass

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I want to show you this really big document lot of a police officer and WWI soldier.

Leo Lüdtke was born on 16.09.1900 he was called up for military service on 14.09.1918 and was released from service on 06.01.1919. He did not see frontline service in WWI. In 1919 he briefly served with a volunteer infantry regiment from 01.09.1919 to 04.12.1919. On the 19.01.1920 he joined the police force of Marienwerder located in West Prussia. During his police career he served with various police stations in Germany and was promoted to the highest police nco rank Meister der Schutzpolizei. He served in various capacities, border protection, air raid protection, station sergeant etc...

In January 1945, during the crumbling days of the Third Reich, he was draftet into the SS Polizei Regiment Beck, this was used to defend Danzig from the russians. During a forest fight near Danzig he was wounded and evacuated to Schleswig Holstein.

After only a few days as a POW he rejoined the police service, first in Hamburg, then in Düsseldorf. Because he never joined the NSDAP he was immediately recalled to service by the british authorities. Interestingly his not joining of the Nazi Party seems not to have hampered his career.

He was trained as platoon leader and as a dog handler.

His promotions (The corresponding Wehrmacht ranks are given in brackets)

9.01.1920: Hilfswachtmeister der Schutzpolizei (Schütze)

01.01.1921: Unterwachtmeister der Schutzpolizei (Gefreiter)

01.01.1926: Wachtmeister der Schutzpolizei (Unteroffizier)

01.08.1928: Oberwachtmeister der Schutzpolizei (Unterfeldwebel)

01.01.1934: Hauptwachtmeister der Schutzpolizei (Feldwebel)

01.04.1941: Meister der Schutzpolizei (Stabsfeldwebel)

His awards

00.00.0000: Ehrenkreuz für Kriegsteilnehmer

24.11.1936: SA–Wehrabzeichen in Bronze

00.00.0000: Polizei–Dienstauszeichnung II. Klasse

26.04.1945: Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz

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