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Signed photo of Generalleutnant Hansen.

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Gentlemen, a postcard sized publicity photograph and autograph of Generalleutnant Helge Hanson, dated 1993 when he was "Inspekteur des Heeres".

Here is a brief summary of his service.....Born Dresden 13th March 1936.

In 1957 entry into the army as an officer cadet Panzergrenadier troops. 1959 Promoted to Leutnant. 1965 Captain and company commander. From 1974 to 1977 commanded a mechanized infantry battalion. Then Staff Officer at NATO Headquarters AFCENT (Allied Forces Central Europe Center) in Brunssum / Netherlands. Then Head of Unit for Political Military bases in the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces in Bonn. From September 1980 to October 1982 the commander of the Panzer Lehr Brigade 9 in Munster. From October 1982 to end of March 1984 Head of the Permanent Mission of Germany to NATO in Brussels. From April 1985 to the end of September 1987 commander of the 1st Armoured Division in Hannover. From October 1987 to end of September 1990 Commander of the III Corps in Koblenz. From October 1990 Deputy Chief of staff at HQ of NATO forces Europe (SHAPE) in Mons, Belguim. From 18th February 1992 to 21st March 1994 inspector of the army. Then until his retirement from active service in the spring of 1996 commander of the NATO forces, the Central Europe (AFCENT) in Brunssum, Netherlands.

Prost ! Steve.

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Wow!! Almost 40 years of service. That is impressive.

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