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Oh Spain... what happened?

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Hold on, folks. This kind of look is traditional for the Spanish Foreign Legion, for at least decades now. The heavy tatoos might go back to pre-Civil War, I'm not sure. The open-to-the-sternum shirt is the norm since at least the 1970s.

All that's new on this guerrero is the modern tatoo design, but not tatoos per se.

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I could almost believe you had a hard drive full of pics of women like that.....

Thumb drive actually....


I was going to post this one in the "Iconic Weapons" thread...


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The other day i read a comment about the aspect of the Spanish Legión in march, in youtube: "Have a gay aspect when march" or something like in english. The same person, I am sure, is not able even to think because should collapse before that the Scottish Regiments are a modern version of The Holly Bon. of Epaminondas between other important reason because the greeks warriors use mini-Skirt and some kind of tanga, as sexy as belicist when the greek genius dicovered that war was love. For me, as Spaniard the scottish as ocassional allied of our kings, in some invasions not as famous as others more famous, and in many ways very like to our legionaries, in the number of casualties, by example. didn't know the skirt, it come later on. And I am a great lover of Scottish and Highland Regiments in special because the Tatooms and Wiliam Mad Wallace, intelligent way to pass time bettween war and war. Think of it please. The translation for make the love and not the war of hippies and the Great Beats. No, the hippies no, the Tebans of Epaminondas. There is a big theme here, i imagine: The militar Origin of Gay movement in San Francisco. Here you have the Cuera Soldiers as precedent, could be possible as spanish élite unit. And the spanish introduce I think the leather work in America, althuought some thinking schools thinks that were Olaf, the Terrible and not Colon the first free and full-democracy man ( this think Ridley-Scotch, not me and in all his films is the same idea, one after the other).

As far as i now the legionaries that are a very dangerous people, that call people like me pistolos and that have women that are in love only with the death. Poor death. I think are more like to the Torero kind much more than to the Gay movement. And the bad quality of the spanish garment, made the trousers and shirts shrink after first washing much shorter, about half a year after be suministred. I should be talking about legionaries, Highlanders and Greeks for hours, even alone,. I am going to finish here recomending to see the film "300" that is very gay, with so many muscles around. A last thinking, the Persas were Iranians, Arios, as the SS more or less and the Spartans were not as Osprey think, and Osprey is law, some kind of spanish celtibers too tall that have scape from a penal-beach. Cause they were lacedemonios, Germans and Arios more than XXX hundred of years later.

I hope to have contribute to the better knowing of the Spanish Legion and in General, of the Gay military Branch of the Gay civil movement.

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Hi Boris,

I have no idea if the guy shown is gay or not, and to be honest, where and how someone lays the pipe is not my business.... and I dont see how you can see that on the photo?

I posted this because this guy looks like a full on disco Gigolo. And if you google the Spanish Foreign legion... this dude is not exactly the average Legionnaire? His pants that bit tighter, his gold chain, and he spends more time on his beard than the average guy does in the bathroon in a week.

I think most Sgts would kick a soldiers ass if he came onto parade wearing a gold chain like Mr-T, and most Sgts would say "You a Gigolo?? Shave that beard off!"

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Hello Chris

I have take part of the trhead because was extrange to me that girl said that about the legionaries and I wanted to give my opinion about a theme that is very few known: The homosexuality in the army along the history, in special in western history. Then I have think was a good moment here. Althought you have not say nothing like this, I think there are reasons that I wanted to comment about the look of the legionary. Is your thread, if you think is not an interesting question, please, forget me.

Anyway, I`am going to star.

About this legionary, that was just an excuse to begin the theme, that, of course is not easy.

I think people, nowadays, that enlisted the legion have a social origin specific (and mental too, it is clear) and this have influence in his general aspect once is legionnarie. I think that is you mean more or less about the photo-man. My opinion as I said is that the legion have a special character to reinforce the spirit of corps, in many ways, artificial and not very afortunate I think in some points, as the parade-speed.

To go so fast is easier than to go as the normal soldier and gives a special swagger very like if you let me to the olimpic wanderings, by example. (i wll continue later)

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I go on.

Then, why people get extrange about the aspect of a legionarie and not about a british-scottish soldierr. In my opinion some armies shoudl had to see off all or near all garments designers. The legion wearing style (is this what I exclusivily are talking, cause as professionals soldiers are very good, or they are famous by virtue of his military valor), in parade dress is absolutely obsoltete, and one of the best units of the army can't fail in this. I don't say that they need an uniform ready to conquest the galaxy, as some fliyng corps have choose, but they have the same look than in the civil war, the belt, the boots, the "gorro cuartelero". Curiously the legionarie you have show in the photo wants to give a image much different, his model is the tipical "macho Ibérico" "pecho lobo" y "marcando paquete". Why he fail in this?

That is the question I am investigating with more or less success. This is by now.

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Then, I leave the Leader of the Pack and go with the new topic.

Abut the film "300", it is shocking that a film so detailed in some things, be so ignorant in others. It is goig to let me introcuce the theme. If you have seen the movie in the part the captain son and his partner are fighting alone with the persians, their conversation is absolutely gay (modern way to see things), and why is so gay? First because the contents, second, because so many gymnastic muscles, that are so peculiar than doesn't exists at those times (or not, I could be in a mistake) and the beach colour of skeen (sorry, I said Lacedemonians, I meant Dorians that destroyed with other the Mycenic civilitation, the one that conquest Troya via Agamenòn, via Brad Pitt.

The heart of this story is that the antique greeks have discovert a miitary system just for men that have as principe, the love between men. The most famous unit was the "Holy Batalion" commanded by Epaminondas, King of Thebes, and that was the best of its times, not only cause teh characteristhic oblique formation, also cause was divided in units of two young soldiers that were in love and this situation supossed to fight until death, one for the other, not only for dutie but for love. Really interestin, isn't it? The roman civilitation was very different in this point, by example, the richer roman families use to have a greek private tutor, cause greek were the best in this job but had a little problem: they use to be too loving with his pupils, and this were not nice for the fathers, as you ban imagine.

Well this is just an example of what I meant in the first post, more or less.


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The Sacred Band of Thebes were indeed Spartans and homosexuals, I believe the whole army was formed from married male couples. Led to an even closer regimental belonging I suspect.

The film 300 is based on Frank Miller's graphic novel/comic. Frank led the field at both DC and Marvel with his style of drawing as the fans loved it. The film stays pretty close to the novel as it was meant to and not so near history but is a great "popcorn" movie (quoting Chris). Worth watching for the line when the Spartans are warned by Persians that their archers were so numerous that their arrows would block out the sun. Doineces replies "Then we will fight in the shade" from Histories somewhere and put into the film. New one out soon I believe - should have more girls in it from the looks of the trailers.

There would be no way that anyone would have dared to appear like the geezer in Chris' photo near to the Corporals let alone the Sergeants where I used to parade. Don't think he would have made it passed the lads anyway. Would've been fun to watch though.

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