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Mauser bayonet frog . Imperial Germany ?

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I wanted to know if you can identify this frog.
As you can see traces of paint has blue / green.
Unfortunately, a kid did some writing over ... Sorry. :angry:
The frog was together with a sheath for Mannlicher, as you can see,
I think a pocket Muser Germany empire modified to the hook and used from the ally Austria-Hungary.
One thing that would help us to clarify and is the color. Who used that color?
many thanks

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Thanks I do not know if you know the blades ...
The fact is that I found along with two ersatz tube for 85 Mannlicher, made with the blade of the bayonet Vetterli.
These have produced both the Italians for rifles Mannnlicher captured.
But also the Austro-Hungarians have produced them with the blades of long bayonets vetterli captured after Caporetto etc. ..

One of these Ersatz bayonets have large traces of paint on the handle identical to the frog, and if I know who used that color I can understand with certainty who produced the Ersatz ..
Which up to now we do not know for sure.
Excuse but is a deformation collecting ..

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