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Full size MID device on the ribbon bar

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Hi all,

Picked up that nice pin back bar and just would like to confirm one small detail on it - usually early bars that I have and what I have seen are 99% with the miniature size oakleaf but in this case there are full size MID device used. I have seen these on the handfull of bars only.

Is it something that veterans would be able to ask themselfs from the tailor shop (especially if it was the case that they bring their own pits and pobs to the shop, in order to put the bar together) or the bar makers had some kind of flexibility to pick up the devices.




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I may be wrong on this point - however, I think the recipient of an MID was issued with two full size oak leaves. If they couldn't find the

miniature they probably did as this man - used the spare one. Perhaps someone can confirm the issue ? Mervyn

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