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One of my prized collection items. 1915 Bluse attributed to General Georg Pohlmann.

Prussian Red Eagle Order 4th Class

Prussian Order of the Crown 3rd Class

25-Year Service Cross

Officer Honor Cross Schaumburg-Lippe House Order

Order of the Romanian Crown, Commander Class

Order of the Siamese Crown, Commander Class

EK2, EK1

Prussian Crown Order 2 with swords

Pour le Merite

Ernestine House Order commander with swords

Schwarzburg Honor Cross 1st class with crown and swords

Commander RIR 10

Commander of RIR 82

Commander of 244 Infanterie-Brigade, 237 Division

Commander of 14 Division

PlM 4 Ocober 1918 for conduct during the defensive battles in Champagne.

(Thanks to those who have helped me thus far)

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I would love to be able to find a ribbon bar matching Pohlmann's or close. I like the one I have but it's a bit too large.

I assume the bar is as follows: EK2, RAO, Crown Order, Long service, Centennial, ?, ?, Austrian Merit

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"born 7 October 1861 at Graudenz and indeed spent much of his earlier career at the HKA. At mobilisation he became commander of RIR 10 and promoted to Oberst on 5 September 14. Relinquished command of RIR 10 on 20 November 14 following a wound and on recovery assumed command of RIR 82 on 20 January 1915. On 2 January 1917 commander of 244. Infanterie-Brigade in 237 Infanterie-Division the East. Generalmajor on 22 March 1918 and commander of 14. Division on 9 July 1918. Plm 4 Ocober 1918 for conduct during the defensive battles in Champagne. Retired 12 August 1919. "Tannenberg" promotion to char. Generalleutnant on 27 August 1939"

credit to Glenn J

RIR 10 5 September 1914 - 20 November 1914

RIR 82 20 January 1915 - 1 January 1917

244 Infanterie-Brigade 2 January 1917 - 9 July 1918

14 Division 9 July 1918 - November 1918

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Almost complete. I got a mannequin that allows me to display his trousers and use the head. I need a pair of officer gloves.


' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="638px" height="750px">

' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="638px" height="750px">

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