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Need Book Recommendations for the Pennisular War

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Hi All, I have just recently become interested in learning about the Pennisular War and would like a recommendation for the very best starter book (general overview) for studying these campaigns. Thank you for any information you can offer.

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Similarly I am also new to these campaigns and have found some books most helpful. A couple of the best (from my beginners point of view) is 'The Peninsular War Atlas' by Colonel Nick Lipscombe printed by Osprey - it's a large book that takes its readers through the war and battles with the aid of easily read and fairly detailed large maps (helps due to the original place names not now found on Google Maps). Printed fairly recently and easily available (so good I bought another to give to the Son-in-law).

Another is by Richard Holmes called 'Redcoat' by Harper Press. Although it does cover a longer time period from the Seven year War through to the Crimea (mostly Peninsular though) it gives an excellent insight into the humdrum/terrible normal days of a soldier in the line. Full of actual letters and anecdotes from the soldiers themselves. Gives a good foundation on what it was like serving. Reads like a novel and fair whizzes along.

Other basic books are the excellent Osprey softback books on Weliington's Tactics, Wellington's Army etc etc fairly easily available on t'tinternet and another I've found (if you are interested) is the first complete illustrated guide to British uniforms in the Peninsular called 'British Napoleonic Uniforms' by CE Franklin printed by Spellmount.

Those should keep you busy for a bit.


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I would agree in recommending either Redcoat - my favourite - or Wellington's Peninsula Victories, which, like Redcoat, is now out in paperback and won't break the bank. Havn'e read the second one in a long time but I do remember that it made a bif impression when I did as a good, clear account of a very complicate little squabble. I like Redcoat, though, for the primary source stuff and focus on the ordinary soldier.

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