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Militaria Show Tips

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So its almost a week till the Militaria show here in my town :D anyone have any tips on buying from the shows? (is it possible to haggle with these sellers, bundle or not to bundle, or is it rock hard prices :S)

I'll probobly be aiming for some of the enameled awards, Red Stars, Order of the Great Patriotic war etc :D

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I went hunting for stuff in an Antique shop the other day, after an hour of rooting round to find nothing but a couple of tourist znak, i asked the guy "have you got anything Soviet hidden about?"

"Oh yes" he said, "come with me!"

I followed him over to a dusty wooden cupboard, he reached in and i saw him pulling out 2 riker cases and i started getting excited.

"Here you go" he said, and my face fell.

2 riker cases with 6 American medals in. :angry::banger:

No wonder that place is always empty.

Maybe i'll go and sell him a couple of Ikea mugs and tell him they're wedgewood? ;)

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Brother, drink half a bottle of Jack Daniels beforehand and all awards there will look like HSUs at bargain prices. ;)

Igor, I wish you the very best luck at the show and hope you hit the mother lode with acquiring Soviet awards. However, typically Canadian shows suck for acquiring Soviet stuff. You may not even find the above. Dealers who get Soviet items tend to over price them cause "there's good money on Russian stuff." I'll be cheering for you though. :D

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Thank you red and Norm :) for your comments and well wishes :D

I too hope 1 or 2 Red stars will be able to fall into my lap, heck sometimes you end up picking up an award or order no one knows about (I had the luck in picking up a couple Yugoslavian cap badges for cents when I was at a antique market a couple years ago, maybe something like that will happen this year )

I just hate the waiting and not knowing what will pop up, but thats half the fun I guess :D I'm still holding out that the russian seller from 10 years back will be at this year's show. It would be amazing if hes still around and still has reasonable prices like before, but time will tell :D

Whatever I find (or don't find :S) I'll fill you guys in :) its all luck in the end anyway. I'll keep you posted

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