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Afternoon gents, I was lucky enough to win this old style ribbon bar in Christian's last auction. This may be a long shot, but is an ID possible given the combination? Seems to me it may have belonged to a "court" type.



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Your "court type" was an Oberleutnant or Hauptmann, Prussian active army, in my opinion. No full 25 years of service yet, not yet an RAO4... but still two or three foreign orders - the last may be the Royal Saxon Albrechtsorden, or an Altenburg jubilee medal.

The main problem is we don't know which year to look for him. If this is e.g. from 1908, it may be hard to find him in 1914, as he might have added a dozen other awards or has left active service...

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Aaaaagh. I have the identification-- told Christian too late to make the auction description.

One of my Research Gnome compadres can call me on Mister Bell's Invention and will pass along the name, career, dates of awards etc. (Yup: still possible to do that the Pre-Computer Way)

I'm just visiting a computer briefly right now, so all I can remember at this instant is the officer was originally in Infantry Regiment 153, transferred out, and died as a Hauptmann zur Disposition on

1 August 1914

during the stress of wartime mobilization.

No worry: have his names, birth data, promtions, etc.

That last ribbon is NOT a Saxon Albert Order--it is the Saxe-Altenburg 1903 Jubilee Medal. The lives of Research Gnomes is littered with such red herrings....


(What happened to all the smilies???????)

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Erich v. Zaluskowski, born 13.10.1869 in Wesel, died 1.8.1914 in Altenburg as a Hptm.z.D. and Bezirk-Offizier at the Ldw.-Bez. Altenburg.

• Kronen-Orden 4.Kl.

• Centenarmedaille

• Herzoglich Sachsen-Ernestinischer Hausorden, Ritterkreuz 2.Kl.

• Fürstlich Schaumburg-Lippischer Hausorden 4.Kl.

• Sachsen-Altenburgische Regierungsjubiläumsmedaille

He also was an Ehrenritter of the Johanniter-Orden.

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Second-Lieutenant 17.11.91 in Inf Rgt 72 until transferred to newly created Inf Rgt 153

Oberleutnant 16.06.00 Ss

Hauptmann 11.09.07 Aa

Saxe-Ernestine House Order-Knight 2nd Class (EH3b) from Altenburg 16.09.00 as Olt IR 153

Crown Order IV (KO4) 22.08.03 as Olt Kommandiert Kommandantur Truppenübungsplatz Alten-Grabow from IR 153

Schaumburg-Lippe Honor Cross IV (SLH4) 17.05.07 as Olt IR 153--dating this br May 1907 to his death

Johanniter Order (J)) 26.07.10 as Hptm IR 155

From: Rank Lists, Orders Lists, my transciption of the Schaumburg Rolls :cat:

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Oddly enough, while obviously fatally stressed during the mobilization, war had not yet been declared so he is nowhere accounted a "casualty"--and yet he was!

Here's his entry from the 1908/09 Deutscher Ordens-Almanach confirming the 1903 Saxe-Altenburg Jubilee Medal. Needless to say, ALL "Saxon Albert Order/ Altenburg JM03" possibilities were labouriously excluded to come up with von Z as the sole possible holder.

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