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Good Evening Folks.

This arrived today. I do like my 'relic' helmets and have a selection from different countries. I do have a couple of ww2 german, but know nothing about decals, as such, especially SS ones... What is the general consensus of this one, please? Thanks John.

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Ah, I saw this on ebay (I think it is the same one) and then promptly forgot all about it. Liked the way he advertised and how he took his pictures.

Can't help with the decals sorry but I'm sure someone can. Just annoyed I forgot about it.


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I've been sucked into this since you posted. Probably because I wanted that helmet but just forgot about it (must press the watch list button, must press the watch list button). The Walhalla forum will put you straight in a second but here's what my penny's worth.

It looks to be an M40 helmet with Type 2 runes - its pretty hard to see from the pictures surprisingly. I've handled loads of relics but obviously much easier in hand.

From a list I found of known SS decals and comparing those to yours:

It's not a "Q" decal as they are 1st type runes and there's a sharp break in the curve of the shield.

It's not an "EF" decal as again those are 1st type runes and they are mostly found on M42 helmets.

It's not an "NS/SE" champagne decal as they have a sharp break in the curve of the shield and the gap between the runes at the top is too wide.

It's not a "fat runes LAH" or a "fat runes Nordic" as yours have too wide a gap between the runes.

It's not a "Pocher" as the runes stop at a sharp break in the shield on those

It's not an "Austrian SS" as those were only on pre-war transitionals

The only match is the "ET" decal. But comparing with yours the gap from the top of the runes to the border looks to be too wide.

Obviously this is probably not a complete list as I've only just scratched the surface in the couple of hours spent.

I didn't realise what collectors do to ensure and check that theirs are correct but given the money these things bring (even the relics) you need very very deep pockets to own one.

I honestly can't see these guys missing out on such a bargain on ebay or if it was a collector allowing it to go for so little. So we're left with believing the advert that the seller didn't know what he had although he knew ebay would probably bin his advert if they had noticed the runes. I've had helmets binned even without any offending symbols on them. But, then again, I did sell an SS without knowing they could've binned it but I didn't try to hide it.

I wish you luck with this but I wouldn't hold my breath. (I would probably have still bought it though, it's just a great thing and what's a ton against something you really like)

Cheers Spaz

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Thanks guys. I've had a look on the internet, and I'm not sure. I just don't have enough experience or knowledge in this area. It would be nice if is was right, but we'll have to see.....

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The helmet looks pretty original to me, I don't suppose there's any remains of the stamps? Sometimes they can be made out on relics as they nearly always have rusted away more severely on the top (Probably due to being on its top under water). It does have a few paint remains (looks apple green) but only very small.

I've had loads of relics in worse and better condition with a lot more paint intact. Only a few with makers marks and fewer with batch numbers - but I only ever had two (at most) that had any remains of decals. Although I know that the vast majority of helmets either had them removed as ordered or they never had any to start with.

I'd side with the not real team (now that I'm a complete expert with SS decals as I've done over 2 hours internet research :whistle: ), but I still think it's a great item for the money spent. Put it on the shelf and enjoy it.

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That's what I was thinking. I have a really decent DD early lid from the invasion of Poland. Its rusty with faint decals but they are there.

I like this, so will oil it up and lightly clean it. Hopefully this will reveal any stamps that are left.

I enjoyed relics after becoming bored with other helmets that I had. I started collecting them a few years ago when they weren't that popular.

Once I've sorted it out, I will post a pic. A friend of mine has dealt in a lot of helmets so I will run it by him next week. I'll let you know!

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