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Question about a Soviet badge

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It's a City of Moscow excellence badge, not having my Russian dictionary to hand I quite make out a translation for the righthand word. Unless Nick has forgotten his native tongue he should be able to give you an answer. It certainly looks pre WWII and I haven't handled one before.

Pavel Nicholiev

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City of Moscow Economic Excellence Badge


More like

"High achiver of municipal economy of Moscow" ;)

This badge was established in 1940.

Between 1940 and 1941 it was issued in silver.

After 1941 badges were made in bronze.

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... but the grammar is a bit like a supermodel's bedroom, way beyond my reach.

Many "modern" russians have the same problem :lol:


By the way, what do you think about adequate translation of this russian word "отличник"?

Essentially отличник is the student obtaining "excellent" marks.

According to the modern russian-english dictionary отличник = high achiever.

But of course student obtaining "excellent" marks is "excellent student" :)

Another possible variant - exemplary (student, worker, etc ...)

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Found the exact date ;)

This badge was established on July 6, 1940 by the СНК СССР (СНК, a.k.a. Совнарком) - Council of People's Commissars) order #1178.

The size of the badge (approximately) is 29×27 mm.

It was believed (for some time) that bronze version of the badge was a trial piece. But not anymore ;)

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Looks like you are not a big fan of " high achiever" variant

High Achiever is something you would expect of a McDonald's or other US corporate employees and it usually comes with a silly hat or badge. Mind you a friend of mine did his philosophy degree doped out of his head and got a first so I suppose he would have been a high achiever. Exemplary means that your achievement is an example to others to seek to emulate, very much in line with good Marxist-Leninist philosophy

Comrade Paul exemplary beer drinker.

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... Excellence (excellent) or distinguished (distinction) are better translations if you ask me.

I am not sure about that dear Ferdinand ;)

The closest synonyms to distinguished will be remarkable, eminent, famous, renowned, celebrated, outstanding.

The closest synonyms to excellent will be choice, first-class, first-rate, prime, select.

Of course excellent grade will be translated as отличная оценка :)

But distinguished is more like выдающийся...

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Sorry, but I don't agree with you there.

But let's keep in mind that all translations are approximations, and that there is not one definitive answer... Give this line to ten fine translators and you will get ten different, but fine translations.

Edited by Ferdinand
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Translation is always an approximate art, with the exception of profanities which tend to translate well, which is probably why I am able to swear fluently in several languages but can barely speak a comprehensible sentence in any of them.


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