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Photos of the Ottomans and Allies decorated with the TWM


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KuK Staff Major Hermann Pokorny

Hermann Pokorny 2.jpg

Hermann Pokorny 3.jpg

Pilot Lt. Hellmuth Felmy

EKI, EKII, Turkish Gold Liyakat with Swords, Silver İmtiyaz with swords, Silver Liyakat with Swords, Turkish War Medal and Turk and Grman Pilot Badges

Hellmuth Felmy.jpg

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Pilot Leutnant Wendelmuth

Pilot Leutnant (Pilot Teğmen) Wendelmuth.jpg

Mustafa Kemal Pasha, Enver Pasha,Cemal Pasha

M.Kemal Pasha, Enver Pasha, Cemal Pasha.jpg

General Director of Inspectors of PTT Irfan Rıza bey (Later, Undersecretary of Ministry of Finance)

Posta Telgraf Teftiş Heyeti Genel Müdürü (Daha sonra Maliye Bakanlığı Müsteşarı) İrfan Rıza Bey..jpg

(Sergeant) Salih Çavuş - WWI and War of Independence

TWM and Mecidi Order

Birinci Dünya Savaşı ve Kurtuluş Savaşı'na katılan ve bulunduğu her yerde fevkalade başarılar göstermesiyle tanınan Kara Salih Çavuş'un Harp Madalyalı bir fotoğrafı.jpg

Hasan Cemil bey

Makriköylü (Bakırköylü) Hasan Cemil Bey.jpg

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Got this a few days ago.

The seller said, it was taken in Syrie (Syria).

Iron cross, Liakat with Swords and Galipolli star.

Some notes on the back. Is there anybody out there, who can read arabian?


I can read

Le A. Djemal (french)

Herm(ann) Kleeberg or Klessberg

le corps 20 Di. means Korps 20. Division



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On 21/9/2013 at 06:02, demir said:

Ludwig III of Bavaria

Ludwig III of Bavaria.jpg

Its not Ludwig  is his brother Leopold von Bayern . 

Demir : The kuk naval officer is german during the third reich he is not a line officer he is a beamte . 

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General Exzellenz Felix Graf von Bothmer (10.12.1852 – 18.3.1937) in  Narajow, his Chief of Staff on his left.

Gen. Felix Graf von Bothmer and his chief of Staff on his left .PNG

Gen. Felix Graf von Bothmer and his chief of Staff on his left 1.jpg


Colonel Ismet (Inönü) during the Independence War. (2nd President of the Republic)

Miralay Mustafa İsmet Bey (1916) İnönü HM.jpg

Hans Humann with his sister. Naval Attache at the German Embassy during the WWI and a very close friend of Enver Pasha.

Hans Humann.jpg

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Looks as if the german offizierstellvertreter had added a pair of badges of his own to the turkish pilot badge

Apart , he is wearing a kunftige friedensuniform .coloured collar and cuffs , bright plain buttons and bright lace . perhaps the photo is of postwar era

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An Ukranian awarded TWM:

Osip Ivanovich Buchshivan (born June 1, 1890, Verkhovyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region - † December 8, 1937, Leningrad, USSR) - a Ukrainian soldier. A hundred Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, later Commander of the Legion of the USS. Otaman UGA

Birth of June 1, 1890

Zhabye, Kosiv district, the Kingdom of Galicia and Volodymyr, Austria-Hungary, Austria-Hungary

Death December 8, 1937 (47 years)

Leningrad, Russian RFSR, USSR USSR

USS membership kokarda.svg USS ZUNR coa.svg UHA

Party Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Title - OF-2 USR Hauptmann.svg Sotnik (hauptman),

Ataman UGA

Wars / Battles First World War


Medal of Courage (Austro-Hungary)

Memorial Cross of 1912-1913 years

Iron Cross 1 st class

Gallipoli Star


Born June 1, 1890 in the village of Zhabie, Kosiv district of Galicia, at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Graduate of Kolomyia Gymnasium, student of Lviv Polytechnic.

In the Legion, the USS was from August 1914: he was commander of hundreds of USS legions, in 1918 he headed this legion, and from December 1918 - the commander of the East group, the 1st brigade UCS UGA.

On May 29, 1915, in Lisovychi, in the Stryj region, he was wounded and he fell into Russian captivity. From Siberia, where he served exile, fled through Persia, fought in Mesopotamia on the side of the states of the central bloc. For bravery, he was awarded the German Iron Cross and the Turkish Crescent.

At the end of 1916 he returned to the infantry formation, where he again headed a hundred, in the autumn of 1918 he was elected as the commanding officer of the Legion of the USS.

He took an active part in the Ukrainian-Polish war of 1918-1919, commanded (from the beginning of creation) the first USS brigade in the UHA, he was one of the developers of the plan of the Chortkiv oczenziw of 1919.

After the transition of the Red Ukrainian Galician Army (CHUGA) in April 1920 on the side of the UPR Army remained in the service of the Red Army. In 1933, together with other Galicians who collaborated with the Bolsheviks, he was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in the VTT and exiled to the Solovetsky islands.

Shot in Leningrad on December 8, 1937.


From the shooting list of the second Solovetsky stage:

Listed Osip Ivanovich, 1890, born in Galicia, Ukrainian, b. a member of the Communist Party of Western Ukraine, an employee. Judicial Troika under the Collegium of the GPU of the USSR on September 23, 1933 was sentenced under Art. 54-10-11 of the Criminal Code of the USSR for 10 years of ITL. Served a sentence in Solovetsky prison. Special troika of the UNKVD LO dated November 25, 1937, sentenced under Art. 58-10-11 of the Criminal Code of the USSR of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to the highest degree of punishment. Shot dead in Leningrad on December 8, 1937

Rehabilitated in 1959.


Osyp Bukshovany Ukr. Осип Букшований (1890-1937), Ukrainian military, commander of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, later in USSR, executed by NKVD during Great Purge in Soviet Union.jpg

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On ‎15‎/‎07‎/‎2013 at 10:54, JapanX said:

Unknown cavalier


The unknown Cavalier is none other than Rudolf Hoess, the commandant of KZ Auschwitz, the man next to him, Richard Baer, his successor, in the following image, Hoess is standing with Josef Mengele to his right, and Josef Kramer to his left, commandant of, amongst other places Belsen Kz, not a bunch of nice guys really, the images come from "The Auschwitz Album"

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On 02/02/2018 at 08:53, demir said:

Sergeant Ali (Güner) 1920-1924

Ali Çavuş (Güler) (1).jpg

Ali Çavuş (Güler) (2).jpg

Ali Çavuş (Güler) (3).jpg

The man portrayed is an officer, note his shoulder boards of the near square type,his riding boots and the swordknot on the bayonet

On 02/09/2019 at 04:18, 1812 Overture said:


Does anyone want to tell me why some Gallipoli stars are wearing the wrong direction?


Austro hungarian Chaplain ,with rank equivalent to captain

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Gerold von Gleich 1869 1938, was a Wurtembergian Army officer. in 1912 he was attached to the Greek Army High Command during the First Balkan War .In February of 1916 was selected to go to Turkey . he bears the German rank of Oberst.destinated to Baghdad he served as Chief of Staff of Marshall von der Goltz with the Turkish rank of Mirliva. In 1916 there was no war between Greece and Turkey. 

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