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Hello Gents

My mum used to say just scream help when your stood on a cliff edge fed up.....some old boy may walk along and say "Nice day for it"!

This cap I was hoping to put with me M15 Prussian NCO Infantry bluse but the band and piping are a lot darker, doesn't match.. the mutz is made from a superior cut of wool to me what branch of service do you think it belongs... still Infantry?

Took a pic outside maybe be better for judgment the others a quick pic of me minty puppies.

Thanks Gents


ps sorry for the 'pink' look its me camera...annoying.

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Thanks Guys


Whats graugrün you mean gaughan the artist lol! yea that my mates all said Jager but the nuts were all drunk, Rick K. said jager too when did the Prussians go from that special green or did they mix it up, wartime expediency and all that.



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