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A simple group to a dedicated Colonial Policeman. Joseph Kealey, who preferred to use the name Patrick was considered to be a very brave undercover intelligence gatherer, some thought him Reckless, others say he knew no fear.

I have been informed by Ex. Palestine Police officers that on occasions they had raided suspected Terrorist hideouts only to find Patrick there at home among the Arab or Jewish incumbents. One former officer said he had visited an Oasis in the "Middle of Nowhere" only to find Patrick sat around the camp fire in full Arab garb.

Patrick featured in many high profile Terrorist trials and I am informed that several of those found guilty paid the supreme penalty. It is believed that Patrick was marked for assassination and in fact survived at least two attempts on his life but left him severely wounded. He Therefore kept a low profile and did not associate with old comrades or join related associations. He seems, when he returned to UK, to have remained unmarried and moved around lodgings and private residential homes.

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Another fascinating group. Is there much information, if any released on the service records of Palestine Police officers or is it still out of the public domain ?

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Thanks Nick and Chris,

Very little information has come into the public domain. A lot of personal files were lost during the withdrawal in 1948, indeed I have had at Least30/40 groups/singles to Palestine Officers that the PP OCA had no record of at all. Many of the men joining were after excitement between the wars and went in their droves. However, some had no sooner got there than the Second War broke out, and they saw it as all the excitement was now in Europe, many volunteered for the RAF, Army and Navy but many were denied permission to leave the PP ( Which came under the Military for Period of War. Hence entitlement to Defence and War medals) and went AWOL making their way to SA, North Africa or Home to join up. Many of these men, both Official and AWOL, perished in the war and took the secret of their PP membership with them leaving behind a medal that cannot be attributed to them unless accompanied by further information. I have an almost complete set of OCA Magazines 1948 to Present) and glean a lot of information from them but even these are useless if his service was not recorded. Those that went AWOL presumably joined the Military under false names and this too would prove a stumbling block.

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