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I wonder what happened with this Order of Precious Crown


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But why then we have these traces of gluing on the back of the ribbon (obviously this piece was glued to the display)...

Maybe it is simply "half-finished product"?

But then again why somebody glued it?!

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Seems reasonable ...

In my young days they called me Mr.Reasonability!

Seriously! :lol:

Maybe you should inspect your lower classes again ;)

Already done it (am I one reasonable guy? You bet! :lol:)

If it is soldering, then it is really high quality soldering ...

Unfortunately my lower classes are in deep dark patina.

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Ah, but I don't think that this is all to it. Look again The bottom strings are connected to the frame circle. the rays on the top are very flat. I think this one is indeed stamped as a whole piece.

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But this one on the other hand has no connection to the frame and the rays on the top are very distinct. The crown looks really like another piece that was soldered to the base. Also the strings seem more massive. These could probably be cut out without braking off.

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