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4 clasp Crimean War medal to Grenadier Guards casualty

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Hi all,

I am planning to sell this amazing Crimean War medal with four clasp shortly. I would like to check with someone, who had been handled them before originality and the value.

I have very good feeling regards the medal. I know it came out from the family, so it hasen't been on the market before and played around.

Naming is official impression, like it should be for a casualty. Also clasp are confirmed via medal rolls.

Casualty rolls shows that 4795 Pte. William Beard 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards was Killed in action on the 5th November 1854. So, he was casualty during famous Sandbag Battery defence (over runned by Russians 1:5) in the battle of Inkermann. Same day 3 men from Grenadier Guards won VCs from the same battle.

I leave them sideways - then there is more space for a details:




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Thank you guys! I think I need to get it sold faster and looking some quick sale in online world but I have a second thoughts first.

Information from other collector:

A four-clasp medal to a Colour Sergeant in the Coldstream, but with his rank omitted from the naming, KIA at Inkermann, sold for £1400 on the hammer at DNW a couple of years ago. That must have cost the buyer something like £1700 after commission and VAT, and that medal had a question mark over it.

Sun came out for a second (thats rare in Ireland this Spring! :lol: ) and I was able to do quickly some extra shots of the rim:



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The one you mention was the one I had in mind.


Ah, looks like these do not show up often ;).

Thank you again for your info and advise.

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