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The First Step in a Luftwaffe German Cross Winner's Awards?

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Just visiting again, posting this for a member of the Traveling Museum:

This award document from Commanding General Vth Flying Corps Robert Ritter von Greim (Pour le Merite, Bavarian Military Max Joseph Order-Knight, Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oakleaves and Swords: last commander of the Luftwaffe etc etc etc), dated 6 July 1941 is filled out merely to “Unteroffizier Otto-Bernhard Schulze.” No unit.

From the wartime published lists for the Luftwaffe Honor Goblet and German Cross in Gold, Otto-Bernhard Schulze was a pilot in a bomber unit. There were three bomber units in V. Fliegerkorps: Kampfgeschwaders 51, 54, and 55.

The lucky owner of this document would like to know if anyone has more information on Feldwebel Otto-Bernhard Schulze’s actual unit and career (if any !!!) after 1942.

From lack of any data after 1942, one can only imagine that a Luftwaffe bomber pilot’s odds for survival after that date were… not good!

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He might be mentioned in the unit histories for those units considering he held the DKiG if he was KIA. There are 3 Otto-Bernhard Schulze's listed in the Volksbund database. Two of them (one listed as a Soldat and the other as an Oberleutnant) may well be a duplicate entry due to the same date & place of birth & date of death and the date is before that of the DKiG. The only other one is listed as dying in a PoW hospital in Russia in 1946. That one gives no rank.

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