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Kingdom of Serbia - Order of the White Eagle - Unknown producer

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Greetings gentlemen,

I was never able to correctly identify the producer of this Order of the White Eagle (4th class) so every comment is more than welcome. It has been in my family for generations and I have a copy of recipient's military record which of course has a complete list of all of his decorations. Based on that I believe that this particular order was awarded before WW1 (maybe even before the Balkan Wars). At first I thought that it was made by Bertrand but as far as I know they weren't producing White Eagle in that period, also their orders differ in many details. Then I thought that it might be Scheid, my example has some similarities with their orders but also couple of differences. All in all I have never seen example like this. Unfortunately it has no hallmarks and it can't be found in the book "Orders and decorations of Serbia and Yugoslavia 1859 - 1941" by Pavel Car and Tomislav Muhić.


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Take a look at the head of the eagle and especially it's very unique eye, that also goes for the detail on the tip of the wing. I have never seen eagle with something similar.

Notice the hole in the tail and the detail on the edges, looks just like on Scheid models.

Cross in the central medallion is made separately.

And for the end back medallion, take a look at the shape underneath the red enamel, similar to Scheid but different.

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This seemed like an appropriate topic, I didn't want to start a new one.

Any thoughts on this one? Private workshop or something else?

Obviously much lower quality than orders made in famous Austrian workshops.



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No date one the blue ribbon on the back side.


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St. George Medal topic Igor started reminded me of something. To be more precise question about Austrian made orders awarded during Balkan Wars/WW1.
Couple of years ago I posted photos of Karađorđe Star & White Eagle both with swords. They were inherited by a relative, his grandfather was the recipient.
I'll once again post photos of the White Eagle, take a closer look at it!
I'm pretty sure it's Scheid's piece with added swords! Unfortunately I don't have more images, the order is framed... Notice the crudeness of the swords. There's no doubt in my mind that everything is authentic considering it was kept in family. The order was awarded in 1915 for "courage proven on the battlefield in war against Austria-Hungary"! So he was awarded with Austrian made order for courage against Austria...
I am posting it in this topic because I've never seen anything like that before, there are some Rothe examples in Car's book but not one made by GAS.

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