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Members have commented many times that a group of medals is usually with an in-depth story.

This is such a group and I found it interesting in that it touches on a part of the second World War

that is often neglected - the war at sea in the Mediterranean and our efforts to control the Italian and German navies.

Flight Sergeant 923094 L.A. Norton was a pilot on board Martin Baltimore Light/Med. Bombers. He was with the RAF

52 Squadron and they were based in Malta. Each plane carried a crew of 4 men.

They were an American plane - designed specifically for air attacks on shipping. The RAF bought over 1500 of them

through the Lease Lend system - and I understand most Allied airforces used them. The one Force that didn't have

them was the US Army Air Force - perhaps they didn't have enough range, but I would have thought ideal against

Subs. off the Eastern coast of the US ?

F/Sgt. Norton had parents in Capetown in South Africa - but, he himself was a member of the RAF Volunteer Reserve.

His plane was lost at sea whilst helping in the landings on Sicily. He was 22 years of age and he died on 9 July 1943.

He is commemorated on the Malta Memorial - just outside of the capitol - Valetta.

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