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The VERY FIRST Red Ribbon Medal of Honor


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This extra rare Kouju houshou / 紅綬褒章.

And not your usual “extra rare”, but the very first medal that were issued to the American Captain Nathan Carver of the bark Abbie Carver for his rescue of thirteen shipwrecked Japanese fishermen on September 12, 1881.

Medal was received on January 13, 1883.

It is obvious that the design of this early red ribbon doc based on the document to 1874 war medal ;)

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Nathan Pendleton Carver was a son of Woodburn & Mary Pendleton; b. February 8, 1829, Searsport, Maine-d. May 5, 1904, Roxbury, Massachusetts.

August 6,1851 m. Frances Abigail Pendleton (daughter of Joseph & Fanny Coombs), b. January 18, 1831, Searsport, Maine-d. August 6, 1919, Roxbury, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN: Eugene Pendleton, b. September 5, 1860-d. February 26, 1924, Washington, D.C.

VESSELS: Sch. AVON, 1849; Brig. PRENTICE HOBBS, 1853; Brig. KENTUCKY, Bark INVESTIGATOR, 1866-70; Bark JOHN CARVER; Bark HARVESTER, 1871-72; Bark ABBIE CARVER, 1877-82; Ship HENRY S. SANFORD, 1884-85; Ship SUSAN GILMORE, 1874-77.

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