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No I´m not talking about the brave pilots during the Battle of Britain , but still one Hero of another kind

This Plaque was awarded for Merits to the Swedish Red Cross.

Its engraved A Bengtsson , a common Swedish name and is quite common , but this is also engraved

Tyskland 1945 ( Germany 1945) on top and its most probably awarded for participating in the so called White Buses in 1945 who rescued Concentration Camp Prisoners in the end of the war.

There was about 300 people in Germany from Sweden and of them about 20 Medic personal.

I don´t know if everyone got a award like this or only the medic staff.

About 15 000 was saved from the Camps in Spring 1945 , among them was even some Jews who had survived until then...

You can also see a pic of one of the buses , painted white , hence the name .

although they where marked with Red Crosses they where attacked and some people get killed during the evacuation.


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