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Tom Darling MM - Lt. Malaya Police

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I do not collect or have an interest in the Malaya Police but a few years ago I acquired A GSM bar Malaya with condolence slip to a Police Lt in the Federation of Malaya Police.

Research has uncovered an extraordinary tale. I have listed an abridged version : --

Tom Darling was a Scot born about 1915/16, he joined the Cameron Highlanders circa 1933. During World War II and the retreat at Dunkirk he won a Military Medal for a prolonged and outstanding feat of Gallantry in the face of overwhelming enemy infantry and Tanks ( Which in my humble Opinion merited at the very least a DCM) He was later shipped to Burma with his Battalion and witnessed some very heavy hand to hand fighting.

After WW2 he returned to the UK where he joined the Palestine Police but as the Mandate was ending it is doubtful if he ever got to the Holyland but he later appeared as a Police Lieutenant in the Federation of Malaya Police at Cha'ah, he was only in Malaya a very short time before he suffered a gunshot wound to the head and died on 21:6:51, he is buried in Kranji Cemetery, Singapore.

During his short time in Malaya he must have made a profound impression as a Park and several Streets are named after him.


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A sad tale about a man who would have been forgotten, but for you acquiring one of his medals and researching it. Hopefully, he will now always be remembered if that medal stays in safe hands.

Have you thought of adding unnamed or replica WWII medals to complete the group?



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Fuller details of Darling,his service and demise,can be found on an FMP Blog referring to his being the grandfather of the actor Alan Cumming,who featured in a " "Who Do You Think You Are "in late 2010.

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Thanks Gentlemen,

I am looking out for a nice copy MM to enhance the group.

The MM was awarded to Tom as a Despatch Driver who on taking a message to his comrades,( who were just about holding off a strong German advance of infantry and many Tanks) realised they had little ammunition and so he returned to HQ and enveloped himself and his motorbike in small arms ammunition on belts and boxes of Grenades, he then rode across the path of the advancing German Tanks and was made a personal target by them and was nearly killed on several occasions. He survived to repeat this feat of outstanding Gallantry.

Have had a little difficulty in access to FMP blog but will persist, in the meantime have found several items in public domain on Web with regard to Tom and the TV series Who do you think you are. Thanks again for information.



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