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Independent Flamethrower Batallion

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Record card

Form nr. 1

(To be filled out using a typewriter, without any corrections)

Date and location of issue of the award; republic, krai, oblast, city, raion:

Record card of an awardee

1. Last name: Mamukelashvili

2. First name and patronymic: Ivan Georgiyevich

3. Nationality:

4. Sex:

5. Year of birth: 1915

6. Place of birth:

7. Education: higher, unfinished higher, special secondary, secondary, elementary (underline what’s relevant):

8. Party affiliation:

9. Position, profession, military rank (for servicemen), and place of work or service at the time of the award (ministry, department, institution, enterprise, organization): Senior Lieutenant and company commander in the 23rd Independent Flamethrower Battalion

10. Home address of the awardee: Village of Vadunyan, Lagodekhi Raion, Georgian SSR

11. Awards issued:

Type of award (order, medal, highest title of distinction, honorary title)

Number of the order, medal or badge

Number of the order booklet, Hero or Mother Heroine booklet, medal or badge certificate or travel document

Date and number of the decree about the award

Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class nr. 422193 by Order of the 26th Army nr. 0156 of May 16, 1945

Order of the Red Star nr. 1042046 by Order of the 68th Rifle Corps nr. 043/N of January 27, 1945

Temporary certificates nr. Ye-704235 and D-286516

Signature of the awardee:

I confirm the correctness of the data and the signature of the awardee (position and signature):

12. Remarks:

Award sheet

Award sheet

1. Last name, first name and patronymic: Mamukelashvili, Ivan Georgiyevich

2. Rank: Senior Lieutenant

3. Position and unit: Company commander in the 23rd Independent Flamethrower Battalion

Nominated for: Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class

4. Year of birth: 1915

5. Nationality: Georgian

6. Party affiliation: Member of the Communist Party since 1943

7. Participation in the Civil War, the subsequent combat actions to defend the USSR, and the Patriotic War (where and when): From June 28, 1941 through August 20, 1942 on the Southern Front; from August 20, 1942 through October 17, 1942 taking a Junior Lieutenant Course on the Stalingrad Front; from October 17, 1942 through February 5, 1943 on the Stalingrad Front; from February 5, 1943 through March 20, 1944 on the Southwestern Front; from March 20, 1944 through July 27, 1944 taking an Advanced Officer Training Course in Moscow; and since July 27, 1944 on the 3rd Ukrainian Front

8. Wounds and contusions received during the Patriotic War: No

9. Since when in the Red Army: Since June 28, 1941

10. Drafted by which military commissariat: Military Commissariat of the Lagodekhi Raion, Georgian SSR

11. Awards received previously (for which merits): Order of the Red Star by Order of the 68th Rifle Corps nr. 043/N of January 27, 1945 and Medal for Courage by Order of the 62nd Army nr. 092/N of February 8, 1943

12. Permanent home address of the prospective awardee and the address of his family: ______________

13. Personnel certificate series AG-000001, nr. 169771

Short, concrete description of his combat feat or merits:

During the fighting for the city of Vorau (Austria) on April 23, 1945, Senior Lieutenant Mamukelashvili, serving as a company commander, held off 4 German attacks. Having repelled the enemy attacks, Senior Lieutenant Mamukelashvili, acting on orders from the battalion commander, started to fall back, while continuing fighting. Withdrawing according to plan, comrade Mamukelashvili kept all advantageous positions and halted the enemy advance, thus covering the main body of our forces. During the fighting Senior Lieutenant Mamukelashvili inspired his soldiers through his personal bravery, fortitude and courage. The enemy suffered heavy losses. Senior Lieutenant Mamukelashvili’s company killed up to 70 German soldiers and officers. Senior Lieutenant Mamukelashvili led his company out of the semi-encirclement without suffering any losses.

He deserves to be awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class.

Commander of the 23rd Independent Flamethrower Battalion

Major [signed] /Leiko/

May 3, 1945

By Order of the 76th Guards Chernigov Red Banner Rifle Division nr. 36/N of March 18, 1945 awarded the Order of Glory, 3rd Class.

Chief of the division’s Personnel Section

Guards Captain of the Administrative Service [signed] /Novikov/

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Wow, thats a great write up, thanks for sharing it with us Norm :)

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