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That Nasty Little "Flying DAF" Pronged Badge !

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I am guessing from the Foghorn Leghorn (griffin?) insignia and "St St W" that this was St(adt) St(.) W(endel)...?

All it has is a 1942 dated inscription "to my godchild."

Enigma: if the guy was only a MUNICIPAL employee, what's he doing wearing a REICHS cockade on a CITY uniform? And if it's a CITY COLORS cockade... what the...!!!???

Somebody let this guy join the Nazi Party! :speechless1:

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Eric: alas no-- print quality's only good enough to detect something vaguely elongated X-ish shaped... or with those sorts of angles. It's not a great photo and I paid a demented amount just to finally eliminate this particular buried-deep niggling puzzle.

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I'm new here but I got this from house clearance last year I think.

It looks well enough made and to be honest it was going in the skip if I hadn't grabed it.


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Hello Rick.

I have one of these streetcar badges too.

Oddly enough, for a civil municipal organisation, it's RZM marked. RZM M1/53 for Wegerhoff.

Presumably because it was affiliated to Ley's DAF.

Mine is nickel-plated tombak, with the swastika and cog 'cut out'.

That photo is the first one I've seen of this badge being worn.

Thanks for posting !!

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I had an RZM marked... Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross when I was 12. There was a lot of weird stuff floating around back in the 1960s! :o:cheeky:

I think mine had a cut out swastika, but no mark at all. Weird to think how many tram drivers insignia were brought back yet nobody ever knew what they were!

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