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Latest buy US Navy Good Conduct Medal dated Aug. 11 1914

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I just bought this Navy Good Conduct Medal (no suspension, ribbon, nor attachment bar) named: James Mc R. Lane Navy Hosp Las Animas Colo. Aug. 11 1914 – medal was being sold from Belgium. Man said he got it at a garage sale.

Probably entered service in Aug 1910. 1930 Census lists him at the Philadelphia Naval Yard as a CPHM Chief Pharmacy Mate. He probably retired prior to 1933 (when he starts his travels back and forth between New York and Antwerp, Belgium (1933-1939). Since his medal is being sold from Belgium, I assume he died there and there is no more information for him in the US past 1939.

But here is the best part: I found a photograph of him on the internet (Cape Fear Historical Society). Can't get much better that that. Captain Albert

Here is the listing for him in the 1930 Census:

James Mc R Lane
[James Mc Ree Lane]

“James McRee Lane” c. 1900’s

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Yes it seems his wife Elizabeth Rosalie De Praetere Lane was born in Brussels, Belgium. In all the trips they traveled together except her last voyage from Belgium to New York in 1954 - she traveled alone (James was probably dead). The dealer told me he bought it at a garage sale in Brussels, Belgium. It arrived today and I add a complete upper section to his medal. The upper section had 2 named bars on it, but no medal. Looks very nice. I also found some postcards of the Navy Hospital, Las Animas, Colorado. Cheers Captain Albert

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Yes Chris, it is funny how some medals travel. I once traded a friend of my dad's (here in the states) a set of wheels for moving boats, for his medals, a French Legionnaire driver's license (with his picture and name on it) and other items. He was in the Foreign Legion prior to WW2, joined the British Army in North Africa as an interpreter, and then went to the Princess Irene Brigade (Free Dutch). He moved to the US after the war. I got his awards card for the British Medals, and the medals, Africa Star, WW2 War Medal, some french collar patches, his driver's license and a combatants card, and the Dutch WW2 Cross, and his Princess Irene shoulder tally. That story of the British medal in Morocco sounds really interesting also. Cheers George

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Now that is really attractive. I have never seen one this early before. The grade of Chief Petty Officer was established by the US Navy in 1893 (1920 for the Coast Guard). These early pieces are very rare. Congrats!

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Well here is some info from his records at the national Archives:

(Served (24 Sep. 1910 to 19 Oct. 1930; Recalled 13 Sep. 1939 to 1 Nov. 1939)

He died 10 May 1942 of Asthma at the US Naval Station Balboa, Canal Zone, he was living at the Navy Submarine Base Coco Solo, Canal Zone from 8 Dec. 1941 to the time of his death.

Medals and Awards:

  1. Navy Good Conduct Medal Straight Suspension named “James, Mc R. Lane, Nav. Hosp, Las Animas, Colo., Aug. 11 1914” - with 4 pin bars:
  • “USS Bridgeport” - back - “CSC 37439 - 19 Jul. 1919”
  • “US Nav. Sta. Key West, Florida” - back – “CSC 37439 - 25 Jul. 1922”
  • “Receiving Ship New York” - back - “CSC 37439 – 25 Jul. 1926”
  • Dated bar “1930” - back - James Mc. R. Lane
    1. Navy Mexican Campaign (1911-1917) # 6478
    2. World War 1 Victory Medal, bar “Mobile Base”
    3. 2nd Nicaraguan Campaign # 4481
    4. American Defense Medal
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