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Order of the 9th september neck cross

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Hello Gents,

I got this order of the 9th september as a neck cross. Now comparing it to other pieces I have to say that I see a small differences most notably to loop.

What do you think? I hope it's without problems.

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Yes indeed it is the suspension from monarchy times. This makes me quite confident because we know for sure that there were a lot of spare parts left over from the monarchy. Even today they turn up for sale. And we know that the communists reused cases from monarchy times! So why not suspensions? Additionally, I think this fact indicates that it's quite unlikely to be a fakes made to deceive buyers. While it would be quite lucrative to turn type 4 badges to neck versions the portrait on this is the correct one for this type (e.g. 2 or 3).

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Suspension likely was replaced at some point.

While boxes were re-used, I never saw these awards with old monarchy types. Remember - these were high level awards, given to important people and for sure they followed high standards and made enough new parts.

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