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Hi all,

What you guys think regards that bashed up Glider badge - good or bad. In the condition side I know the answer already :cheeky:
Top part of the bade was broken off, as well one of the eagle wings. All the parts are clued back, Also the wreath has been "repeared" with the aluminium-silver paint.
Like I understand it is late war zinc model with the solid swastika? Any ideas regards the originality? I can post more pictures tomorrow if necessary.





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Hi Timo

This badge of yours is a bit of a complicated one to give an opinion on as the end result is not going to be one that answers your question I’m afraid.

Firstly I’ll post an example of a badge (known as the “Ball Hinge” type) that this badge of yours would have looked like when it was first made.

Here is where it gets into an area of controversy…. There are two camps of opposing opinion when it comes to these badges. Some think that they were produced post-war, some that they are of late war manufacture.

My personal opinion is, going on the lack of evidence of any of these badges turning with solid provenance, that they were most likely made after the war….

So, is it an original…or is it a fake? The only advice I would give is that if you already have it in your collection, hold on to it as you never know.

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