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Thought I would post this. From what I understand this was used prior to and during WW2 by the South African Air Force in the eastern Mediterranean ( east of Malta) and throughout the African theater ( Libya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Madagascar). While I have seen examples in khaki, this is the first I've seen in a green. I would appreciate any additional info on this helmet as well as any help with the identification of the helmet flashes on the puggaree.

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Hello Westernhighlander. Sorry your post has not been answered.

These 'sun hats' were a peculiar pattern to South Africans and had the generic name of 'Polo Hats"

The Army used them in brown and the airforce also, used this colour. I do not recall seeing a green issue.

On our Medals section - the pinned post at the top a Lt.Col.- KIA during WW2, you will see that I show

his ceremonial helmet - in white and with the very rare winged springbok top piece.

The pattern was never popular and you rarely see them now - I had to pay Rands 2500 just for the shell

in order to be able to display the Badge and other items. (approx. $250)

There must be something on the internet for identifying the flashes - however, hopefully one of our South

African members will be able to help. Mervyn

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