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I have recently spotted a Painted Truncheon to the London and Brighton Railway (Police ?) c. 1837 It is in nice condition. The asking price seems high and I wondered if anyone would know what such an item would be worth, I am aware that in the collecting game an item is worth what someone will pay but an idea of price would be most welcome.


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Hi Peter

The London & Brighton Railway was formed by an Act of Parliament in 1837 and construction would have started soon after, like all railways lack of funds or the intransigence of landowners meant that often the railway was built piecemeal. This particular railway was amalgamted with a few others in 1846 to form the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway.

Any artifact which has survived will be of considerable interest to collectors.

The railway would probably have been forced to either employ their own special constables or to pay for those provided by the county. In this case it is likely that because of the insignia these constables were railway employed. Their duties would have been to uphold the law as the railways were being built, ensuring that the navvies behaved themselves and railway interests were protected. What must have been an onerous and dangerous task.

Although I am no collector of truncheons, I am an afficiado of all things connected with railway, dock and canal policing and have been for over 30 years.

Value will depend upon condition but I suspect that figures around the £100 to £200 mark would nt be so crazy......however there are collectors on here who may come up with a better estimate?

Good luck.


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Hi Steve, I do not collect Truncheons but it does look lovely and I would have purchased it had it been in the price range you mention but its much more than that. Thanks for prompt and informative reply.



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Peter - I had one of these in my collection until quite recently. They are very rare and marked both the opening of the Railway - and, the accession

of Queen Victoria in 1837.

Perhaps you will show a picture for it - the heraldic decoration is very elaborate. Value wise - think of around 1000 pounds to a collector. Mervyn

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Thanks Mervyn, It is for sale at £850.00 which is not too far off your estimate. It is indeed very elaborate and looks in fantastic condition and bears date 1837 it could be the one you owned as it has not been on site too long. As I say I am not a collector of Truncheons so would be happy to tell anyone with an interest where the Truncheon can be purchased.

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Peter - this is a very reasonable price - my estimate was a low one. This one that you show is in extremely fine

condition for it's age and the paintwork bright. The two interlocking shields are - of course - for the City of London

and Brighton.

This was made by Parker Field - who were the official armourers to the Metropolitan Police. The Crown is for King

William 4th - the brother to George 4th. This is not the one from my collection which was sold to a top collector -

however, he may have decided to sell. Mervyn

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