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The Finnish Commemorative Medal for the Liberation war was awarded from late January 1919 so most peoplehad got them in 1930s but as said earlier I now they where awarded at least until 1937. 

About Finnish Liberty Cross II Class 1941 to Germans : I don´t have tthe awarded numbers to Germans , there where 1160 awarded in total and I have the names of 28 Germans with 2nd class.




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(Posted it in the HHOX thread, but thought it would be good to have it here as well)

Chance find: a number of Finnish awards nicely together 

From Kölner Local-Anzeiger, 2.6.1918


And death notice to: Lt zS Bruno Blank

From Arnsberger Zeitung, Okt 1918



Finnish award to Jäger Bernhard Knüfing. 

From Münsterischer Anzeiger, 13.9.1918


Finnish Freiheitskreuz 2nd class to Divisionspfarrer Kreutz. 

From Freiburger Zeitung, 4.6.1918


Anton Ilting, Flugzeug-Obermatrose, from Bocholt. Should probably read Medal of Liberty, not Cross:

From Münsterischer Anzeiger, 17.8.1918


Finnish golden bravery medal to Unteroffizier Paul Pollscheit from Rastenburg.

From Königsberger Hartungsche Zeitung, 14.6.1918


And Hindenburg + Ludendorff, July 1918:


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Bit hard to read: Finnish Cross (Medal?) of Liberty 2nd class to Unteroffizier and Offiziersaspirant Otto Lenuweit from Groß Puskeppeln (?) Kreis Ragnit

From Königsberger Hartungsche Zeitung, 28./29. August 1918


This is probably the Medal, not the Cross 1st cl, to Gefr Hellmut Hoffmann. 

From Freiburger Zeitung, 19.8.1918


Not sure what exactly the "Finländische Befreiungsband" is meant to be, but Musketier Heinrich Overwaul from IR 255 is credited with it: 

From Münsterischer Anzeiger, 9./10.10.1918


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Medal of Liberty 1st class to Gefreiter Ernst Wollenberg from Kreis Graudenz: 

From Die Presse (Thorn), 22.6.1918


Same (probably) to Ulanen-Gefreiter Paul Wrobbel from Langenau: 

From Die Presse (Thorn), 3.8.1918


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Polizeihauptwachtmeister Paul Beyer

-Medal of Liberty 1st Class, 1918

-Commemorative Medal of the War of Liberation, 1918


I think this is Beyer's bar, can anyone help to confirm?

Polizeihauptwachtmeister Paul Beyer.jpg

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Posted (edited)
21 hours ago, misiu said:

Impossible to say. Could be anyone‘s medal bar.

I see that’s a very common set of awards apart from the Finnish ones.

May I ask is there a rough estimation how many Germans got the medal of liberty 1st class and the commemorative medal?

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I have an observation about the 8-place police bar shown above.  I think if Rick L saw this bar, he would say "Tuck those suspension rings underneath the ribbons" based on various statements of his.  I personally think that exposed suspension rings above the ribbons are analogous a person walking around with his fly open and a shirt-tail hanging out of it.  Just my humble opinion (influenced heavily by Rick L's posts.)


I also have an observation about Finnish award-precedence on German bars:


Nice guys Finnish last.  🤪🤪   

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7 hours ago, Simius Rex said:

I think if Rick L saw this bar, he would say "Tuck those suspension rings underneath the ribbons" based on various statements of his.

You know what, I gonna try it, for Rick 😇

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Another mentioning of a Finnish award to a German: Obermatrose Karl Petry


From General-Anzeiger für Stettin und die Provinz Pommern, 26.10.1918




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